Recent Development

1. This Department had invited applications for granting of fresh recognition to the Associations /Unions of employees of CSS, CSSS and CSCS cadres of Central Secretariat Services under Central Civil Services (Recognition of Service Associations) Rules, 1993 (Annexure-I) vide this Department’s O.M. No. 4/1/2002-CS-IV dated 9th March, 2007(Annexure-II). The last date for submission of application was 30.4.2007. On the request of some Associations/Unions, the last date of submission of applications was extended upto 31.5.2007 vide OM dated 7th May, 2007 (Annexure-III) and for this purpose a time schedule was also prepared for completion of the process (Annexure-IV). The DDOs of various Ministries/Department were supposed to send consolidated information regarding deduction of subscription from the salaries of employees by check off system in respect of each cadre to DOPT by 31.8.2007 vide OM. of even number dated 5th July,2007(Annexure -V).

2. As per Rule 5 (d) of CCS(RSA)Rules,1993, an Association/ Union has to muster 35% of total number of employees of each category to get recognition. DOPT is still collecting the required information. On 27th September,2007 the DDOs were reminded to send in the required information without further delay.(Annexure-VI)

3. JS(AT&A)’s D.O. letter No. 4/1/2007-CS-IV dated 12th Nov.,2007(Annexure-VII)-VII was addressed to the Joint Secretaries of all the Ministries/Departments/ Cadre Controlling Authorities / DDOs and the heads of Associations/Unions intimating that the date of deduction of subscription from the pay of employees in favour of concerned Union/Association has been extended upto Dec.2007 and this Department would complete the process of recognition by Jan,2008.