Work Allocation

All matters relating following subjects are dealt by the Services & Vigilance Division :-

  • Framing / finalization of Civil Service Examination Rules, Syllabus etc, allocation to IAS/IPS/IFS, recruitment / Appointment of IAS, allocation of candidates to various States / Jt. Cadre and issue of notification etc.
  • Policy regarding inter-cadre deputation / inter-cadre transfer of All India Service Officers and inter-cadre transfer and inter-cadre deputation of IAS officer.
  • Promotion of State Civil Service / Non-State Service Officers to the Indian Administrative Service.
  • Administration of Statutory Rules and Statutory Regulations:
  • Rules on all the service matters in respect of All India Services.
  • Disciplinary cases against IAS Officers for offences committed while working at Centre.
  • Proposals of CBI / State Governments for prosecution of IAS officers under the PC Act.
  • Disciplinary cases against CSS (Grade –I and above) officers and Principal Private Secretaries of the Central Secretariat Stenographers Service.
  • All administrative and financial matters concerning CBI
  • Grant of sanction u/s 188 of the Cr.PC 1973 in respect of the crimes committed by Indian citizens abroad and investigated by the CBI.
  • Legislation/administration of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988.
  • All Financial and Administrative matters concerning the CVC
  • Allegations / complaints / enquiries against Chief Ministers and Ministers of State Governments.
  • Setting up of Commissions of Inquiry relating to corruption charges and matters relating thereto.
  • Sanction for prosecution of Chief Ministers and Ministers of State Governments.
  • Central Lokpal Legislation and matters related therewith.
  • All matters relating to Administrative vigilance (including administration of CVC) and All India Services.