The guidelines, in brief, for redeployment of surplus employee are:-

  1. A surplus employee refers to the Central Civil Servants (other than those employed on ad hoc, casual work-charged or contract basis) who:
    1. are permanent or, if temporary, have rendered not less than five years’ regular continuous service; and
    2. have been rendered surplus along with their posts from the Ministries, Departments, Offices of the Government of India on account of administrative / financial reforms, actions or decisions listed under Rule 2(g) of the CCS ( Redeployment of Surplus Staff ) Rules, 1990.
  2. The Staff declared surplus will be transferred to a Surplus Staff Establishment to be created in each Ministry / Department, pending their redeployment.
  3. Redeployment means appointment of a surplus employee against a vacancy in a Central Civil Service or post in accordance with the CCS (Redeployment of Surplus Staff ) Rules, 1990.
  4. At least for the first three months, a surplus employee will not be nominated for absorption in a post carrying a lower pay scale.
  5. There is no time limit for redeployment and a surplus employee can remain on surplus roll until he is redeployed.
  6. A surplus employee cannot be redeployed in a Public Sector Undertaking / Autonomous Body because redeployment is arranged against vacancies in Central Civil Services or Posts.
  7. The benefits of past service shall be carried over to the next post except seniority.
  8. The surplus employee will continue to receive pay and allowances in their previous scale from his Department / Organization till they are relieved either to join another post or on their retirement, resignation etc., whichever is earlier.
  9. Only a permanent surplus employee can exercise option for special VRS within 3 months from the date he or she has been declared surplus. Ex-gratia payment admissible under the SVRS us over and above the terminal benefits admissible under the CCS (Pension) Rules.
  10. A redeployed surplus employee can seek readjustment, within two months from the date of his redeployment, as per rule 6 of the CCS (Redeployment of Surplus Staff) Rules, 1990.
  11. Surplus employees are not entitled for promotion while on Surplus Roll as they are continuing against supernumerary posts.
  12. A surplus employee will keep attending office at the designated place and report to the officer(s) for the purpose by the concerned Ministry / Department regularly.
  13. A surplus employee may, while awaiting redeployment, be given by his Head of Department / Organization or other superior authority, alternative duties or charge of work, which though not necessarily relating to his earlier area of work he can be expected to perform conveniently keeping in view his position.
  14. If the authority in charge of Surplus Cell is of the opinion that a surplus employee cannot be usefully redeployed unless he is given training in certain additional skills, it may nominate him to a suitable course of training.