Subject Dealt With

Director (Canteens) – Subject dealt with.
The office of the Director (Canteens) deals with the following subjects: -

  1. Framing of guidelines, administrative instructions for setting up/running of Departmental Canteens/Tiffin Rooms;
  2. Grant of approval for the setting up of Non-Statutory Departmental Canteens/Tiffin Rooms;
  3. Grant of permission for upgradation/downgradation of Canteens;
  4. Recruitment rules for the Non-Statutory Departmental Canteen Staff and instructions in regard to retirement/terminal benefits, GPF, CGEGIS, appointment on temporary/permanent basis, removal from probation etc.;
  5. Framing of instructions, rules for personnel administration of Non-Statutory Departmental Canteen employees;
  6. Recognition of Associations of the Canteen Employees;
  7. Court cases/Petitions filed by the Canteen employees on matters concerning them. Not necessary since it is a matter of detail.
  8. Implementation of SIU recommendations.