Eligibility criteria for participation in the Inter-Ministry Tournaments

  1. Civilian persons working in Ministries of Central Government including those working in the attached and subordinate Offices located at Delhi/New Delhi will be eligible for participation in the Inter-Ministry Tournaments. For this purpose there will be only one team from each Ministry. The Ministry may include in their team persons working in the attached and subordinate offices located at Delhi/New Delhi put entry will be given to only one team e.g. Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation can filed one team in which players from DGCA, DG Tourism etc. can participate.
  2. Persons working in Corporations, Public Sector Undertaking like FCI, LIC, DTC etc. will not be eligible to participate in the Inter-Ministry Tournaments.
  3. Persons working in autonomous organisations like UPSC. Election Commission, C&AG’s Office etc. can send an independent team.
  4. Only those employees who are regular Government employees either permanent or temporary and who have been employed for six months continuously will be eligible. However, those employees who are transferred from other station but are regular employees are eligible to participate irrespective of the time when they joined the office at Delhi/New Delhi. Persons employed on daily wages or on ad-hoc basis or those on temporary duty will not be eligible for participation in the Inter-Ministry Tournaments.
  5. Uniformed Services/Police/Para Military personnel are not eligible. Ministries/Departments have to keep in view the above said instructions while forwarding the entry of their Ministry in the tournament. In case, at any stage, if it is found that a player included in the team is not eligible, the team could stand automatically disqualified from the tournament.