Eligibility criteria for participation in the All India Civil Services Tournaments

Eligible Categories of Participants in the Team and Individual Events.

Civilian employees of the Central Government coming under the definition of Central Government Employees (Paid from Consolidated Fund of India and contributing to General Provident Fund and Pensionable Service).

Civilian in the Armed Forces Headquarters

Civilian Personnel working in the Office of the Police Organisation/ Head quarters of I.G. of Police in State subject to the conditions that they are not eligible to participate in the Police Meets.

Regular State Government Employees serving in the State Government Department including Educational Institutions but not from any semi-Government Autonomous bodies/ State Public Undertakings or similar Offices.

Persons employed as Sports Officer/Instructors in Offices/Educational Institutions/Physical Training Institutions.

RSB may include in their team persons belonging to all Central Government Department like Audit, Central Excise & Customs,Railway,Income Tax P & T and Deptt of Telecommunications etc working in their Jurisdiction.

Non Eligbile Categories of Participants

Uniformed personnel in Defence Service /Para Military Organisation/Central Police Organisation/Police/RPF/CISF/BSF/ITBP/NSG etc.

Employees of Autonomous bodies/Undertaking/Public Sector Banks even though administratively controlled by the Central Ministries.

Casual/Daily wages workers.

Employees attached to offices on temporary duty.

A newly recruited employee who has put in less than 6 months in Regular establishment /Service.

In case of AICS Competitions for cultural disciplines(Music & Dance, Short Play etc), Professionals and hired artists/Govt Servants employed as artists, instrumentalists and teachers of cultural disciplines are not eligible to participate.

Note :-

Deputation: The Status of the Organisation in which the persons is working on deputation or otherwise is to be taken into account for deciding the eligibility.
Identity Card: All participants are to carry individual Identity Cards issued by the concerned authority for verification of eligibility criteria at the venue of AICS Tournaments.

Inclusion of ineligible participants in a team will lead to disqualification of the entire team automatically and no appeal will rest against this decision.

Any appeal/protest on the question of eligibility shall be referred to Organising/Tournament Committee whose decision shall be final.

Colour/Logo :

All teams should wear only one colour depicting the name of the team, and any team exhibiting logo Or name of offices/Team other than given in the entry will be disqualified.