Disclosure Under Sec. 4(1)(b) of RTI Act,2005

4(1) (b) (i) The particulars of its organization, functions and duties;

Director (Canteens) Section is part of Welfare Division in the Department of Personnel & Training. It is located in Room No.361, 3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market, New Delhi- 110 003. Important functions assigned to the Section are as under :-

  1. Policy matters relating to setting up of the Non-Statutory Departmental Canteens in Ministries/Departments, offices
  2. Framing of guidelines for proper functioning of Departmental Canteens.
  3. Service matters relating to the employees of Departmental Canteens.
  4. Award of scholarship to the children of Departmental Canteen employees.
  5. Framing of Model Recruitment Rules.
  6. Grievances, complaints and Welfare matters of canteen employees.
  7. Matters regarding Constitution of Managing Committee in Canteens/Tiffin Rooms.

(ii) the powers and duties of its officers and employees;

To examine proposals on the subjects being dealt with in the Section. The Assistants submits files/cases to Section Officer, Section Officer his suggestions on the proposals
and submits to Director(Canteens). The Director (Canteens) approves the proposals which are within his powers and submit others for approval of Chief Welfare Officer/Joint

(iii)the procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability;

Position is as under :

S.No. Type of Cases Channel of Submission Level of Disposal
1 Major changes in existing policy relating to Canteens Director(Canteens)/ CWO/JS Secretary(P)/ MOS(PP)
2 Opening, Closing, Up-gradation, Down-gradation of Canteens/Tiffin Rooms Section Officer Director(Canteens)
3 Authorization of additional posts over and above sanctioned posts, provided that there is no ban on creation of posts Director(Canteens)/ CWO JS/Home(Finance)/ Secretary(P)
4 Amendment to existing recruitment rules/service conditions of Canteens employees Section Officer/ Director(Canteens) CWO/JS
5 Relaxation of the provisions of recruitment rules/service conditions of Canteens employees Section Officer/ Director(Canteens)/ CWO Joint Secretary
6. Policy matters regarding Constitution of Managing Committee in Canteens/ Tiffin Rooms Section Officer/ Director(Canteens) CWO
7. Grievances, Complaints and Welfare matters of Canteen employees. Section Officer Director(Canteens)

(iv)the norms set by it for the discharge of its functions;

The guidelines framed by the Section on various subjects are kept in view while processing the proposals.

(v) the rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions;

Instruction on policy matters i.e. : Departmental Canteens are held by the Section. Administrative instructions on Departmental Canteens in Government Offices and IndustrialEstablishment (Third Edition, 2008) called Green Book.

(vi)a statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control ;

Guidelines/instructions issued from time to time regarding Non-Statutory Departmental Canteens in Ministries/Departments, offices mainly on the following categories of subjects are held in the Section :-

(i)Central Government Employees Status

O.M. No. 12/5/91-Dir.(C) dated 29.1.92

(In pursuance of Hon’ble Supreme Court’s order dated 11.10.91, the employees serving in non-statutory Canteens/Tiffin Rooms functioning in Central Government offices were declared as Central Government employees w.e.f. 1.10.91 and have been extended all benefits as are available to other Government employees of comparable status)

(ii) Model Recruitment Rules

O.M. No. 3/2/94-Dir.(C) dated 1.3.95, 14.3.96 , 30.7.99 and 14.2.07 (Since revised Model Recruitment Rules has been issued on 6.9.2010, old one not produced)

(With the declaration of Canteen employees as Government employees with effect from 1.10.91, these employees have automatically come under various CCS Rules and, therefore, earlier rules issued vide GSR –54 have become inapplicable/inoperative. These were, therefore, repealed vide O.M. No. 3/1/93-Dir.(C) dated 15.12.94 and a new set of Model Recruitment Rules for adoption by all concerned were issued vide the above Office Memoranda. Now revised Model Recruitment Rules have been issued vide O.M. No.3/2/2009-Dir.(C) dated 6.9.2010.

(iii) Regularisation and Removal from Probation:

O.M. No. 3/2/95-Dir(C) dated 22.8.95

(The procedure to be followed for regularization of appointments of Canteen employees as Govt. employees, the removal of probation of the Staff recruited on the basis of GSR-54(Conditions of Service existing prior to 1.10.91) and after 1.10.91, the drill for confirmation of their service and also the methodology to be followed in clearing the Efficiency Bar are elucidated).

(iv)Pay & Allowances

(A)O.M. No. 3/1(iv)/97-Dir (C) dated 24.9.98, 21.10.98, 5.2.99 and OM No. 3/6/07-Dir(C) dated 15.10.2008

(These Office Memoranda incorporate the revised Pay Scales & allowances applicable w.e.f. 1.1.96 to the various categories of Canteen Staff and the conditions attached to the extension of such Pay Scales).

Scales of Pay of Non-Statutory Departmental Canteens/Tiffin Rooms employees

Consequent Upon The Recommendations of 6th Central Pay Commission.

Sl.No. Designation Pre-Revised Pay Scale approved(Rs) Name of Pay Bands Correspond-ing Pay Bands Corresponding Grade Pay
1. Safai Karamchari* ******************** PB-1 Rs. 5200-20-200 Rs. 1800
2. Wash Boy * -do- PB-1 Rs. 5200-20-200 Rs. 1800
3. Bearer * ******************** PB-1 Rs. 5200-20-200 Rs. 1800
4. Tea/Coffee Maker* -do- PB-1 Rs.5200-20-200 Rs. 1800
5. Assistant Halwai-cum-Cook 3050-75-3950-80-4590 PB-1 Rs. 5200-20200 Rs. 1900
6. Clerk -do- PB-1 Rs. 5200-20200 Rs. 1900
7. Halwai-cum-Cook 3200-85-4900 PB-1 Rs. 5200-20200 Rs. 2000
8. Assistant Manager-cum-Storekeeper -do- PB-1 Rs. 5200-20200 Rs. 2400
9. Accountant 4000-100-6000 PB-2 Rs. 9300-34800 Rs. 4200
10. Manager Grade-II -do- PB-2 Rs. 9300-34800 Rs. 4200
11. Dy. General Manager -do- PN-2 Rs. 9300-34800 Rs. 4200
12. General Manager 5000-150-8000 PB-2 Rs. 9300-34800 Rs. 4200

* In case of these canteen employees who do not possess educational qualification are to be placed in –IS Pay Band after suitable re-training to be placed in PB-1

(B)OM No. 13/10/2001-Dir(C), dated 22nd December, 2004

Statement indicating existing designations and revised designations (after re-categorization of canteens) with corresponding pay scales after
implementation of SIU recommendations on review of norms for non-statutory departmental canteens/tiffin rooms functioning in Central Govt. Offices.

Sl.No. Existing Designation Existing Pay Scales Designation now adopted on the recommendations of the SIU Pay scales prescribed on the recommendations of the SIU
1. General Manager 5000-8000 General Manager 5500- 9000
2. Deputy General Manager 4000 - 6000 Dy. General Manager 5000 - 8000
3. Manager Grade-II 4000 - 6000 Manager Grade-II 5000 - 8000
4. Accountant 4000-6000 Manager-cum-Acctt. 5000 - 8000
5. Asstt. Manger-cum-Store-Keeper



Manager Grade-III



Asstt. Manger-cum-Store-Keeper



6. Salesman/Clerk 3050-4590 Clerk 3050-4590
7. Halwai 3200-4900 Halwai-cum-Cook 3200-4900
8. Asstt.Halwai


Asstt.Halwai-cum-cook 3050-4590
9. Tea/Coffee Maker 2610-3540 Tea/Coffee Maker 2610-3540
10. Bearer 2610-3540 Bearer 2610-3540
11. Wash Boy 2550-3200 Wash Boy 2550-3200
12. Safaiwala 2550-3200 Safaiwala 2550-3200

* As perthe revised staffing pattern effective from 22.12.2004, these posts have been abolished.

(v) Regularisation of unregistered Canteens/Absorption of ad-hoc Staff

O.M.No.3/4/96-Dir(C) dated 20.3.97

(This Office Memorandum provides for the regularisation of the functioning of Canteens set up prior to 01 Oct. 1991 in Central Govt. Offices but not registered with the Office of Director(Canteens).

The salient features of this O.M. are that the employees working in such unregistered Canteens will also be declared as Government employees w.e.f. 1.10.91 and extended all benefits as are being accorded to those employees whose services were earlier regularised by virtue of working in registered Canteens subject to the fulfillment of following conditions:-

That the Canteen/Tiffin Room was set up by Departmental authorities before 1.10.91: and

That the employees in the Canteen/Tiffin Room were recruited in a proper manner and such recruitment was made on a regular basis )

O.M. No. 3/1/92-Dir ( C ) dated 22.6.98

(This Office Memorandum contains the Govt. decision to lift, in principle, the ban imposed on the filling up of vacancies in the Canteens/Tiffin Rooms vide O.M. No 3/1/92-Dir( C ) dated 30.1.92. Interalia, it also provides for the regularisation of the Services of the Canteen Staff continued to be held on ad-hoc basis).

(vi) In-situ Promotion

O.M. No. 3/4/94-Dir ( C ) dated 14.3.95

(The provision of In-situ promotion Scheme notified by Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure Office Memorandum No.F.10(1)/E.III/88 dated 13th September, 1991 have been extended to the Canteen Staff also).

(vii) Assured Career Progression Scheme (ACP)

O.M. No.3/4/05-Dir.(C) dated 10.4.2006 and 14.1.2008

The Assured Career Progression Scheme for the canteen employees working in non-statutory Departmental Canteen/Tiffin Rooms has been extended vide this Department O.M. No. 3/4/99-Dir.(C) dated 25.7.2000 (ready with clarificatory O.M. dated 9.5.2001 and 24.9.2001). The SIU recommendation was circulated vide this Department O.M. No. 13/10/2001-Dir.(C) dated 22.12.2004. The recommendation of the SIU has been accepted by the Government including the upgraded pay scale for certain categories of posts in the non-statutory Departmental Canteens. Accordingly it has been decided that w.e.f. 22.12.2004 the hierarchy of the pay scale that will be applicable to the canteen staff upon becoming eligible for grant of 1st and 2nd Financial up-gradation under the ACP as per the following annexure. (Issued vide No. 3/4/2005-Dir.(C) dated 14.1.2008)



Sl.No. Designation Pay Scale Rs/ Ist ACP Scale Rs. 2nd ACP Scale
1. Safaiwala 2550-3200 2610-3540 3050-4590@
2. Wash Boy 2550-3200 2610-3540 3050-4590@
3. Bearer 2610-3540 3050-4590 3200-4900+
4. Tea/Coffee Maker 2610-3540 3050-4590 3200-4900+
5. Asstt. Halwai-cum-Cook 3050-4590 3200-4900 4000-6000
6. Clerk 3050-4590 4000-6000 5000-8000
7. Halwai-cum-Cook 3200-4900 4000-6000 5000-8000
8. Asstt. Manager-cum-Store-keeper 4000-6000 5000-8000 5500-9000
9. Manager-cum-Accountant 5000-8000 5500-9000 *
10. Manager Grade II 5000-8000 5500-9000 *
11. Deputy General Manager 5000-8000 5500-9000 *
12. General Manager 5500-9000 -------- --------

@ Rs. 2750-4400 ( for non-matriculates).
Rs. 3050-4590 ( for matriculates).

+ Ist ACP Rs. 2750-4400 (for non-matriculates).
Rs. 3050-4590 (for matriculates)

2nd ACP Rs. 3200-4900 (for non-matriculates).
Rs. 4000-6000 (for matriculates)

(viii) MACP Scheme

O.M. No. 3/4/2010-Dir( C ) , dated 1/9/2010-Dir

(ix) Annual Confidential Reports

O.M. No. 3/1/98-Dir.(C) dated 1.2.2001 and

O.M.No. 3/2/2010-Dir ( C) dated 31/5/2010

(This O.M. contained the formats for the Annual Confidential Reports to be recorded in respect of employees of non-statutory Canteens/Tiffin Rooms.

(x) Pension, Gratuity & General Provident Fund

O. M. No. 12/3/92-Dir(C) dated 16.11.92 & 16.12.93

(The above Office Memoranda provide that Qualifying Service of Canteen Staff will be reckoned from 26.9.83 – date of Interim Order passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the Writ Petition of Canteen Staff – and further that the employee does not have the minimum Qualifying Service of 10 years for becoming eligible for pension, he/she would be allowed to count the service rendered by him/her prior to 26.9.83 also to the extent of the shortfall in the minimum stipulated period of ten years. Further, the Canteen employees, having been declared as Govt. employees w.e.f. 1.10.91, may be enrolled under the General Provident Fund Scheme applicable to all Sections of Government employees. Action may be taken to withdraw the contributions, if any, made to the EPF Organisation earlier and deposit the employee’s share alongwith interest thereon to the respective newly opened GPF Accounts).

O.M. No. 12/9/2000-Dir.(C) 8.11.2000

(In pursuance of orders dated 3.12.99 and 13.1.2000 passed by the Principal Bench of CAT, New Delhi in OA Nos. 572/96 and 2136/98, the entire past service rendered on regular basis by the Canteen employees is to be reckoned as qualifying service for grant of Pension)

O.M. No.12/3/92-Dir (C) dated 10.5.96

(This O.M. clarifies that, for the purpose of payment of Gratuity, the entire service rendered by the Canteen employees will be reckonable).

(xi) Scholarship for Children of Canteen Staff

O.M. No.20/1/88-Dir( C ) dated 3.12.98

(A Scholarship Scheme has been instituted for the meritorious children of employees serving in the non-statutory Canteens/Tiffin Rooms functioning in Central Government Offices. There are 28 awards, in total, for pursuing studies from standard IX to Post-Graduation level. The Scheme is being funded from the Director(Canteen)’s Discretionary Fund).

(xii) Reasonability of rates of eatable items sold in the Canteens and their quality control (O.M.No.15/4/93-Dir.(C), dated 1.3.93 – Not reproduce)

(Norms for usage of materials and selling price with regard to eatable items were issued).

(xiii) Recognition of Associations of Canteen employees

(No Association of Canteen Staff has yet been accorded recognition).

xiv) Uniform/Liveries :

O.M.No.12/4/2001-Dir.(C) dated 21.1.2002,

O.M.No.12/8/2002-Dir.(C) dated 8.7.2003

O.M.No.18/2/2003-Dir.(C) dated 24.11.2003

O.M.No.18/3/2003-Dir.(C) dated 5.5.2006

O.M.No.18/1/2009-Dir.(C) dated 27.8.2010

(xv) Washing Allowance

O.M. No.18/1/2000-Dir.(C) dated 29.6.2001

(Existing rate of washing allowance has been revised from Rs. 15/= p.m. to Rs. 30/= p.m. to all common categories of Canteens and Tiffin Rooms employees specified in Annexure-II of DOPT Green Book).

(xvi) Stitching Charges

O.M. No.18/3/2003-Dir.(C) dated 5.5.2006

(Uniform for the employees of non-statutory Departmental Canteens/Tiffin Rooms functioning in Central Government Offices-Stitching charges of Woolen Salwar to female canteen employees- Reimbursement of.

(xvii) Implementation of SIU recommendation on the review of norms for non-statutory departmental canteens

O.M. No. 13/10/2001-Dir.(C) dated 22.12.2004

The recommendations of SIU have been circulated vide O.M. No. 13/10/2001-Dir(C) dated 22.12.2004 to the Ministries/Deptts’ with the request to implement the SIU recommendations.

Salient features of the SIU recommendations accepted by Government are as under :-

Re-categorisation of Canteens and the revised staffing pattern therein :-

As per recommendations of the SIU, the existing Canteens will be re-categorised as per the norms prescribed in Annexures A(i) to A(xv). The details of the staff to be engaged in the re-categorised Canteens have been mentioned in Annexures A(i) to A(xy).

Up-gradation of Pay Scales of certain posts :- (Issued vide O.M. No. 13/10/2001-Dir(C) dated 22.12.2004).

While laying norms for re-categorisation of existing Canteens, the SIU have also recommended up-gradation of pay scales of certain posts. The hierarchy of these posts and the pay scales attached thereto in the re-categorised Canteens should be as under :-
Sl.No. Designation Pay Scale
1. General Manager 5500-9000
2. Deputy General Manager 5000-8000
3. Manager Grade II 5000-8000
4. Manager-cum-Accountant 5000-8000
5. Assistant Manager-cum-Store-Keeper 4000-6000
6. Clerk 3050-4590
7. Halwai-cum-Cook 3200-4900
8. Assistant Halwai-cum-Cook 3050-4590
9. Tea/Coffee Maker 2610-3540
10. Bearer 2610-3540
11. Wash Boy 2550-3200
12. Safaiwala 2550-3200

vii)the particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of
its policy or implementation thereof;

Members of the public are not involved in the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof.

viii)a statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public ;

Not applicable.

(ix)a directory of its officers and employees ;

Ms Pratima Tyagi Director(Canteens)

Room No. 319 , B-Wing, 3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market, New Delhi-110003
Sh. Dharamender Singh Private Secretary

Room No.363, C-Wing, 3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market, New Delhi-110003
Sh. S.S. Kamboj Section Officer

Room No.363, C-Wing, 3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market, New Delhi-110003
Sh. R.K. Sharma Assistant 24625818
Sh. Florence Kujur Assistant 24625818

(x) the monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations ;

The officers/staff are in the following pay scale :
Director(Canteens) Rs.15600-39100 + G.P. Rs. 7600
Section Officer(Canteens) Rs. 9300-34800 + G.P. Rs. 4800
Assistants Rs. 9300-34800 + G.P. Rs. 4600

(xi) the budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditures and reports on disbursements made ;

Not applicable

(xii) the manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes ;

Not applicable

(xiii) particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted by it ;

Not applicable

(xiv) details in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form ;

Not applicable

(xv) the particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information, including the working hours of
a library or reading room, if maintained for public use ;

Facilitation Centre has been set-up by the DOPT.

(xvi) the names, designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers ;

CPIO: Smt. Pratima Tyagi Appellate Authority: Chief Welfare Officer

(xvii)such other information as may be prescribed; and thereafter update these publications every year ;

Not available