Domestic Funding of Foreign Training (DFFT)

The DFFT Scheme envisage to leverage the officers with exposure to international best practices and developments in the field of policy and governance by nominating the officers to Universities/Institutes abroad and to enhance the knowledge, skills and competence of the officers in their current areas of employment and also in their future assignments.

The Training Division of the Department of Personnel and Training has been implementing the DFFT Scheme since year 2001-02.

Long Term Foreign Training Programmes (6-12 months)
Short Term foreign Training Programmes (up to 6 months)
Partial Funding of Foreign Study (of more than 6 months)

Note: The DFFT programs could not be conducted since year 2020-21 due to restriction imposed on foreign training due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and in view of the safety measures and the financial austerity. The restriction on foreign training have been continued to be in force until further orders vide O.M. dated 01.04.2021.