Handbook on Personnel Officers, 1987

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Chapter-11 : Special Representation in services for SC or ST Download (2.94 MB) pdf
Chapter-12 : Verification of Character and Antecedents Prior to Appointment in Government Services Download (198.27 KB) pdf
Chapter-14 : Oath of Allegiance Download (988.53 KB) pdf
Chapter-13 : Medical Examination on First Appointment Download (5.69 MB) pdf
Chapter-15 : Declaration of Quasi-Permanency and the Termination of Appointment of Temporary and Quasi-Permanent Employees Download (199.1 KB) pdf
Chapter-16 : Senioriy Download (1.76 MB) pdf
Chapter-17 : Confirmation Download (1005.65 KB) pdf
Chapter-19 : Retrenchment Procedure & Redeployment of Surplus Employees Download (403.01 KB) pdf
Chapter-18 : Promotion Download (5.65 MB) pdf
Chapter-20 : Extension and Re-employment Download (1.96 MB) pdf