Sampling of the objectives, as spelt out in some of the organizations studied by the group

Organisation Objective
  • In important vehicle for decisions on human resource planning, development and management-
  • Manager plans and directs performance, receives and provides feedback, facilitates staff development; assigns recognition, rewards and sanctions.
Govt. of UK

Staff need to know

  • What they are expected to do
  • How they are doing
  • How they could do better (training needs and development for present and future jobs is a part of this) Line Managers need to
  • Coordinate their staffs job content with their own and the objectives of the organization
  • Appraise performance in the job and identify areas for improvement, training or development
  • Central Personnel Deptt. need accurate and honest staff appraisals in order to

  • Assess staff and deploy them to the best advantage and for their own career development
  • Allocate pay awards
Civil service of USA

Performance Management is the systematic process of

  • Planning work and setting expectations
  • Continually monitoring performance
  • Developing the capacity to perform
  • Periodically rating performance in a summary fashion
  • Rewarding good performance.
Civil Service of Australia An essential tool that is relevant at all levels in all Australian Public Service agencies.
It provides a means to improve organizational performance by linking and aligning individual team and organizational objectives and results.
It also provides a means to recognise and reward good performance and to manage under-performers.

To provide a basis for inputs for Growth and Development of the Appraisee

  • recommend training needs
  • inputs for improvement in job behaviour
  • basis for salary recommendation
  • placement decisions
  • discharge
  • input for promotion
  • input for lateral transfer/additional responsibility
  • sponsorship for educational programmes
  • to integrate company & individual goals through a process of performance assessment linked to achievement of organizational objectives
  • to increase awareness of targets/tasks and the responsibility of the officer
  • to ensure a more objective assessment of performance and potential
  • to distinguish between differing levels of performance on relative basis and to identify officers with potential to grow in the organization
  • to identify the actions to be taken to enhance the performance of officers
  • to facilitate the process of executive development through performance planning
Railway Board
  • To assess truly the performance of the sub-ordinate and provide guidance and counseling to him to improve his performance
  • To assess his potential and to prepare him through appropriate feedback and guidance for higher responsibilities
  • It is used as a tool for human resource development
  • to decide the suitability for promotion and confirmation
  • professional development including appointment planning and selection in professional courses
  • selection for special assignments
  • to decide suitability for extension of service, re-employment and retention in service.
TATA Chemicals
  • An instrument for managing the growth and development of all Management Cadre employees on a competitive basis