Comparative position with regard to TRANSPARENCY of the appraisal system in some of the organizations studied

Sr.No. Name of the Organisation Provision in the Performance Appraisal form
1 Civil Service of UK
(Foreign and Commonwealth office)
Jobholder is shown the completed form with comments of Reporting officer, Countersigning officer and after Performance and Development Discussion. Jobholder comments, signs and passes it back to the Reporting officer. Job Holder may send separate comments to Personal Command and General Services Management Department.
2 Civil Service of Malaysia There is no provision for transparency
3 UNDP Staff member is shown the Performance appraisal at all stages including the final Management Review Committee comments.
4 ADB Appraisee is entitled to give his comments on the assessment of the supervisor. The appraisee is also given a copy of the Performance appraisal form after the completion of the form including the overall performance assessment made by the President.
5 France The employee is shown the performance appraisal report and his signatures obtained.
6 USA Employees are informed how they are doing – both positive and negative.
7 Indian Army Comments of the reporting officer, except comments regarding potential for promotion, are shown to the appraisee.
8 National Thermal Power Corporation (for DGM, AGM and above) The assessment upto the level of Reporting officer is transparent. However, the assessment on Performance & potential profile of Reporting officer and the assessment of Reviewing officer(s) and countersigning authority are not disclosed to the appraisee.
9 National Thermal Power Corporation (for executives) No provision for transparency but performance of the appraisee to be discussed by Reporting officer.
10 GAIL (executives in Grade E8-E9) Transparency till assessment of Performance Plan and
year end performance review of Key Performance indicators. No transparency in regard to general performance review, assessment of competencies, values, potential appraisal and performance and potential profile
11 Steel Authority of India No provision for transparency. But performance review discussion with the appraisee takes place twice in a year and the outcome is recorded and jointly signed by appraisee and Reporting officer.
12 IL&FS There is a full transparency. While assessment of overall performance is shown, gist of assessment of Individual’s potential shared with the appraisee
13 TELCO Proforma in respect of Development Plan of the officer is filled by immediate superior after discussion with the assessee. Other parts of the assessment of the officer not disclosed.
14 TCS Goal setting and the assessment of the appraiser of the results achieved vis-à-vis the agreed key objectives jointly signed by the appraisee and appraiser. Other performance assessment not disclosed.
15 TATA Chemicals The performance appraisal is fully transparent
16 Reliance Industries The performance appraisal is fully transparent.