Organisational Setup

The Ministry is presently under the overall charge of the Hon'ble Prime Ministerassisted by Hon'ble Minister of State.

SHRI C. CHANDRAMOULI is the Secretary (Personnel) under Department of Personnel and Training. He is assisted by Special Secretaries, Additional Secretaries and Joint Secretaries.

The allocation of work among the AS and JS are as under :

Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Shri Pradip Kumar Tripathi EO & AS
2 Shri Devesh Chaturvedi JS
3 Ms. G. Jayanthi JS
4 Shri Gyanendra Dev Tripathi JS
5 Ms. Kimbuong Kipgen JS
6 Shri Mukul Ratra JS
7 Shri Srinivas Ramaswamy Katikithala JS
8 Shri Vijoy Kumar Singh JS